Live at Barfly, April 29

Barfly show with Painbow and Metalian and Henri Vasquez’ 50th birthday bash.

Tommy, Sébastien and I met at the jam space to load up the gear and headed towards Barfly. Jordan was already there when we arrived and Krystle was on her way.

It was looking like it would be a great night. Lots of people were there early. We moved the piano so there would be more room on the stage. We had issues with the electrical circuits but it worked out in the end.

We played a great set. Lots of friends showed up, some on time and some missed our set but we killed it. The sound wasn’t the best on the stage though. The energy was there even though we couldn’t hear each other well on stage, I guess it was good on the floor.

It was a great time for sure. Unfortunately Sébastien was sick so we helped him taking the gear back to the space and missed the other bands. Jordan stayed behind and had a blast.

All three bands killed it tonight.  Happy 50th Henri.


Yanick Renault
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