Live at Katacombes, April 22

Girls Can Kick Your Ass V at the Katacombes April 22, 2017


Sébastien, Tommy, Jordan and I met up at the space to get the gear ready for the show. We were all super psyched for the show. Tommy and I went to the dep to get some beer for after the show (in case we came straight back to the space). Win-win situation. Krystle will meet us at the bar after her work.

Once everything was loaded up & Jordan, Tommy and I had a couple of beers we headed towards the Katacombes.

Load in time was at 6pm but we arrived at 6:25 and unloaded our gear. Some of the other bands were late so the sound check took a while to start.

Ol’ School Johnny did the first sound check and were awesome. They were so good that we bought a cd.

Jordan brought in his video camera and set it up on the balcony facing the stage. Nick Warren is going to film out entire set. So that’s pretty sweet.

The first band, The Last Rockers, were good, had energy and put on a good show.

We hit the stage quick and set ourselves up. Once we started playing, the crowd was into it. We were fast and tight. We killed it. When we played our last song, the crowd wanted one or two more. Always leave them wanting more…..

We sold a couple back patches. That’s cool though. Paul saw a street punk sewing our patch on his jacket, saying the bassist from the Demons gave it to him – it was Tommy actually).

The third band went on but Sébastien, Jordan, Tommy and I were mostly outside chatting.

We left the bar during the Cold Folks set to head back to the jam space to return the gear and have a few beer.

It was Jordan’s first show as well. He pulled it off great. Love playing with the Demons.

Yanick Renault
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