Opening for CJ Ramone at Foufounes Electriques April 14, 2017

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May 14, 2017

CJ Ramone…. opening up for one of my idols… Bucket List item… checked.

We were all pretty psyched for this show. Krystle & Tommy have already opened for CJ during their Chix n Dix days, and how often can one say they opened for him twice, and it’s our first time opening for him in this band as well as Screaming Demons first show playing at Foufounes Electriques. It’s going to be a great night.

It is also the first show where my coffin bass cab will be on stage. We are using our own gear for this show. It looks great on stage.

Got to talk with CJ a bit before our sound check, which was pretty cool. He signed some autographs for his fans before the show began outside the venue.

Once it was our time to start our set the doors were open and people started to come in. We opened the show with our rendition of the Halloween theme and brought the house down. The crowd really got into our set and were as energetic as we were.

It was great playing on the Fouf’ stage. Our best performance to date. Someone in the audience videotaped the whole show… can’t wait to see it. Thanks Gary for that by the way, you rock!!!

We have started to throw out a ‘severed hand’ into the crowd. Whoever catches it and returns to our merch table after our set, gets a free shirt or patch.

The crowd was great tonight.

We sold lots of shirts patches and buttons but we don’t have our EP ready yet. A lot of people were asking for our album but we reassured them it is expected to come out in a month or two.

The second band, Big Eyes were great. They were a lot of fun and the crowd liked them too.

Once CJ Ramone hit the stage the crowd went nuts. He always puts on a great show. He is promoting his newest album, American Beauty and played several songs off it along with some old CJ material. It would not be a CJ Ramone show with some Ramones classics. It was really great to hear him play Outsider, Swallow My Pride and Bonzo among the rest. Love seeing CJ live. It was great, lots of Ramones love in the pit.

When they were done their set, I went to talk with CJ back stage. He was pretty cool, we talked for a bit and got a few pictures.

He said that he caught part of our set and thought that we  “… got a real old school thing going on there… your singer, what a voice… you guys are great…”

All I can say is what a night. Special Thanks goes to Gabriel for having the Screaming Demons on the bill, thanks to those that came out, thanks to Big Eyes and a big thanks to CJ Ramone for letting us (and me) open for him.

Gabba Gabba Hey!






Yanick Renault
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