The Passing of a Master of Horror Touches Us All!

                                               George A Romero (February 4, 1940 – July 16, 2017)

I was told it was in black and white. I was told the special effects were near absent. There were not any actors I recognized.


With heavy skepticism, I watched Night of the Living Dead. The walking corpses in the background.  The confusion. The human conflict. Above all, the night feeding scene. I didn’t just fall in love with zombie movies. I stumbled upon a masterful film maker. I came to know what others knew:  George A. Romero was a master of his craft. Zombies were his subject, but his films explored what it meant to be human.


George A. Romero passed away on Sunday July 16, 2017. The legacy he leaves is larger than any one life. Each of his films deals with the human experience. From racial prejudice in Night of the Living Dead, consumerism in Dawn of the Dead, social stratification in Land of the Dead, digital addiction in Diaries of the Dead, Romero was always ahead of his time and his quest for understanding human nature was ceaseless. Looking back at his work, I think he was engaging in self learning as much as he was teaching. And he gave us plenty of great gore!



Our song, We March, is inspired by Dawn of the Dead. It takes the point of view of Zombies as people, which Romero explored in that film and went into further depth in City of the Dead. We will miss George. You and your work shall always remain… Undead.


Stay Scared. We will.


Screaming Demons

Yanick Renault
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