DisObey – They Live (Lyrics)

Annihilation of consciousness
To keep us all sedated
The signal rages on and on
Past all hopes of coming dawn
There comes a face on our TV screen
Calling us cattle and poor
And it’s written on the wall
They live, we sleep
Put those glasses on
Sirens and chaos
Put those glasses on
Riot cops OBEY
Demolition is their mission
Has someone started World War 3?
Obey the formaldehyde face
Without obedience, there ain’t no grace
They call it business
The human power elite
We call it genocide
This is not the time to hide
Put those glasses on
Stop living in fear
Put those glasses on
They cannot win OBEY!
Living in a tent village
Layoffs and no jobs left
Mommy don’t like tattle tales
Well mommy isn’t here
Memorise all our safe houses
We’re all human here
Let’s put this satellite signal to an end
Expose all these skeletons
Put those glasses on OBEY

Yanick Renault
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