Man of Your Dreams (Lyrics)

ScreamingDemonsWell, he
s horribly burned and wears a brown hat
He has razors on his right hand, how about that?
s a child murderer before he died
Your parents, they burned him alive
Chased him in his boiler room
Lit the gas and it all went boom
Hate to tell ya,
s not dead
Not dead, not dead, not dead
s still alive and he
ll get your kids, baby
ll come in your dreams to kill ya 24/7, baby
re the last of the Elm Street kids
Pay with your life for what your folks did
Wake up. Get outta your bed
Wake up. Or you
ll end up dead
One two, Freddy
s coming for you
Three four, Better lock your door
Five six, Grab your crucifix
Seven Eight, Better stay up late
Nine ten, Never sleep again
Well, you woke up this morning feeling fine
t get that burned man outta your mind
ll crawl deep inside your dreams
ll play real nice until he gets real mean
Freddy will knock you down ya know
Deep slashes, hot burns, he
ll never let ya go
Your fears, blood and all your screams
Are all that he needs
Freddy will loves you on your knees
t matter if you beg or plead
t get too close, stumble or fall
The nightmare has begun for you all
Wake up. Get outta your bed
Wake up. Or you
ll end up dead
t wake up now, you are dead

Yanick Renault
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