We March -Dawn of the Dead (Lyrics)

Dawn of the Dead
Tireless, ravenous, living dead
We got a taste
Bruised, bloodied, running scared
Don’t stop make haste
Pursuit will never end
No time to stop and pray
Look out for number one
Through the night and the day
We march!
We march!
We march!
We march!
No more runnin’ outta breath
Through sun or rain
You try to make a stand
I tell ya man it’s all in vain
Know you’re overrun
You paid no heed
Rotted hands tear and scratch
Just got one need
Kick us, punch us, we won’t stop
We go on all the same
Battered, broken, mangled, maimed
Do your worst, we feel no pain
See us closing in
Nowhere left to run
Count your life in seconds now
On and on we come
Once bitten, now you’re in
Please don’t make fuss
Rigor mortis setting in
Wake up now and march with us
Now you’re in our gang
Never feel alone
You feel our hunger pangs
A horde of flesh and bone

Yanick Renault
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