K RYZTERA OI made front page headlines as a young girl after displaying bizarre behavior that her mother and doctors initially blamed on puberty. Puberty sucks, but it didn’t explain the floating furniture or the ability to spin her neck 360 degrees. Her mother eventually realized that her daughter had been possessed by a demon named Pazuzu and so she decided to get a priest to exercise the devil out of her. Ever since, Kryzetra has turned to punk music to channel her inner demons.


SÉBASTIEN GOBEIL decided to wreak havoc on a group of vulnerable counselors at the camp nestled in the middle of the woods. Ever since, his name has become legend and is known as a hulking mass of a man who wields a machete and can’t really die.


JORDAN PENDER has more of a funny bone than most slasher-flick villains, but there’s nothing funny about a man who haunts your dreams. A killer of bad music, Jordan stalks you in the one place you can’t hide because everyone has to sleep eventually. One, two, Jordan’s coming for you…


YANICK RENAULT,  a young demon, butchered his Milli Vanilli records and was sent to a mental institution to live out his days. He escaped (of course), terrorized some teenagers on Halloween (of course) and terrified the hell out of fans of terrible mainstream pop for years to come. The first Boogeyman character, Yanick is a wonderful classic in the music scene.


TOMASS DURTON is a member of a twisted family who reside in a dilapidated house in the middle of the Montreal wilderness. The iconic chainsaw-wielding giant of a man loves punk music more than anyone else on the planet. Tomass’ disturbing behavior also led him to massacre a boy band in the high school gym showers that witnesses claim was as terrifying as the famous shower scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Hardcore without punk isn't music, it's a genre of porn.