Screaming Demon live at Barfly August 5, 2017 Saturday

Screaming Demons first headlining show is coming up on August 5th at the Barfly.   It's gonna be a killer show, with our friends; Guttrot, Ol' School Johnny and Atomic Threat.   We've shared the stage with both Guttrot and Ol' School Johnny before at the Girls Can Kick Your Ass V this past April. Both are great bands. It is also Atomic Threat's first show, we can't wait to see them live.   Come out and have some drinks, some good ol' punk rock 'n' roll  with four fantastic bands. Word on the street is that Ol` School Johnny will be playing their set acoustically for this show.   Show starts at 9:00pm.   Ol’ School Johnny will be opening the show with their powerful acoustic set. Atomic Threat will be next shredding the stage for the first time. Then Guttrot will rip shit up getting the crowd ready for Screaming Demons. Screaming Demons will take the stage, singing the...

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The Passing of a Master of Horror Touches Us All!

                                               George A Romero (February 4, 1940 - July 16, 2017) I was told it was in black and white. I was told the special effects were near absent. There were not any actors I recognized.   With heavy skepticism, I watched Night of the Living Dead. The walking corpses in the background.  The confusion. The human conflict. Above all, the night feeding scene. I didn't just fall in love with zombie movies. I stumbled upon a masterful film maker. I came to know what others knew:  George A. Romero was a master of his craft. Zombies were his subject, but his films explored what it meant to be human.   George A. Romero passed away on Sunday July 16, 2017. The legacy he leaves is larger than any one life. Each of...

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Live at Barfly, April 29

Barfly show with Painbow and Metalian and Henri Vasquez' 50th birthday bash. Tommy, Sébastien and I met at the jam space to load up the gear and headed towards Barfly. Jordan was already there when we arrived and Krystle was on her way. - It was looking like it would be a great night. Lots of people were there early. We moved the piano so there would be more room on the stage. We had issues with the electrical circuits but it worked out in the end. - We played a great set. Lots of friends showed up, some on time and some missed our set but we killed it. The sound wasn't the best on the stage though. The energy was there even though we couldn't hear each other well on stage, I guess it was good on the floor. - It was a great time for sure. Unfortunately Sébastien was sick so we helped him...

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Live at Katacombes, April 22

Girls Can Kick Your Ass V at the Katacombes April 22, 2017   Sébastien, Tommy, Jordan and I met up at the space to get the gear ready for the show. We were all super psyched for the show. Tommy and I went to the dep to get some beer for after the show (in case we came straight back to the space). Win-win situation. Krystle will meet us at the bar after her work. - Once everything was loaded up & Jordan, Tommy and I had a couple of beers we headed towards the Katacombes. - Load in time was at 6pm but we arrived at 6:25 and unloaded our gear. Some of the other bands were late so the sound check took a while to start. - Ol' School Johnny did the first sound check and were awesome. They were so good that we bought a cd. - Jordan brought in his video camera and set it up...

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The Howl (Lyrics)

Come back from the dead, visit me in my bed Just can't be the same, oh God am I insane? People scream and run, silver bullet in his gun Howl I'm the terror of the town, and I just been shut down I howl, I howl All night long  ...

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